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The AFF Program

Traditional AFF Program
Accelerated freefall...
The AFF programme is comprised of a 5 to 6 hour ground school where you learn everything you need to know about becoming a skydiver.

It is a combination of knowledge and learned skills that are practiced until you and your instructor are confident that you can make a safe and successful first jump.

After an introductory Tandem skydive to experience freefall and consolidate what you have learned about canopy control on your next jump, you are accompanied by two Rated AFF Instructors who physically hold on to you until you deploy your parachute at 5,000 feet AGL (above ground level). At this point, you fly your parachute to the ground assisted with radio instruction provided by an instructor at the landing area. Radio communication is used until you have enough experience to fly on your own.

You are accompanied by two instructors on the next two jumps, as well. Here, you practice the learned skills from the previous jump plus we introduced turns and forward motion. On the third jump, you practice hover control; i.e. you fly on your own for the first time! Don't worry - your instructors are right beside you.

On the next four jumps, you are accompanied by only one Instructor. Following exit on the fourth jump, your Instructor releases you to practice 90 degree turns and 180s, if time permits. Jump five is more turns with 360s being added and you get to make a solo exit! The sixth jump gets a lot more exciting. Not only do you make a solo exit, you do aerobatics: front loops, back loops and barrel rolls. Jump seven is your graduation jump. After a diving exit, you practice fall rate and tracking exercises with your Instructor.

And you know what, with all targeted learning objectives successfully completed, your next jump is...



We hold AFF training courses every Monday and Thursday starting the ground school at 4pm till 10pm, this way after and hour or so "Brush up" the following morning we have the whole day to jump!!!

Of course if this doesn't suit your schedule we can programme the training to suit you!!! All our Instructors are either USPA rated AFF Instructors or hold European equivalent ratings and have many thousands of jumps and years of experience.

All AFF jumps are from 13,000 Feet giving you the maximum amount of time in freefall to enhance your learning experience. Whilst we have often completed an AFF course in 3 or 4 days we recommend you allow 7 days for the course and if possible a further 4 or 5 days to complete as many consolidation jumps as possible towards obtaining your "A" License and to consolidate the skills learned during the course.

Consolidation jumps can be made either solo or with a coach, either way we will assist you in completing all the requirements to get your "A" license issued !!!!


This package assumes that you complete the AFF course in 7 jumps. Please be aware that advancement is based on successfully completing the objectives on each jump. Additionally, during the consolidation jumps, a certain number must be accomplished with a coach for evaluation. This is at least 5 coach jumps at an additional cost of 1,300THB per jump (Please note the cost of coach jumps IS NOT included in the A-License package).

Also, to be issued a USPA licence, you must join USPA and apply for your license. There are additional fees associated with joining USPA and having your license issued. Call or e-mail for specific details.

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