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We offer a number of methods to complete one of life's most memorable experiences - a Tandem Skydive!

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Tandem Sky Diving

On a Tandem Sky Dive you get to do experience the freedom of freefall when you jump safely attached to a highly experienced sky dive instructor. The jump will be made from airplane flying up to 13,000ft (4 KM!). You can choose to have a video of the entire experience of Thailand's greatest adventure!

AFF Training Course

Sky Diving is the sport for you. Push your personal boundaries and set yourself the ultimate challenge - once you have experienced solo flight you will never be the same again.

"A" License Course

The USPA "A" License Course is a 25 Jump Program which teaches you all the required skills and imparts knowledge to earn the "A" License from USPA.

* * Please Note- these are samples- sections of the video have been shortened for demonstration purposes only *

Let a little bit of extreme into your life!

When your name comes up on the manifest, you and your instructor will take a 20 minute scenic ride to height up to 13,000 feet, then freefall at 125 Mph for approximately 60 seconds opening your parachute 5,000 feet above the ground.

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The feeling of flight is incredible!

Here at Thai Sky Adventures in Pattaya, we offer a number of methods to complete one of life's most memorable experiences - a Sky Dive. The easiest and safest way to make that big leap is a Tandem Jump.

From the moment I arrived, the staff at Thai Sky Adventures were incredibly helpful and accommodating. They guided me through the entire process, ensuring that I felt comfortable and prepared for the jump. Their expertise and professionalism immediately put me at ease.

Amit Local Guide

Professionally edited Photo's and Video of your Tandem Jump from as little as ฿3,800