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We offer a number of methods to complete one of life’s most memorable experiences - a Sky Dive!

The USPA “A” License Course is a 25 Jump Program which teaches you all the required skills and imparts knowledge to earn the “A” License from USPA.

USPA “A” License Course

It begins with the complete AFF programme, then after you are cleared for solo, you will make consolidation solo jumps, 5 Coached jumps with a USPA Instructor, two clear and pull jumps, taking your jump numbers up to 25. You will also learn to pack your own parachute.

The USPA “A” License privileges allow you to jump at any drop zone worldwide.

  • Full AFF Course
  • Ground School (preferably on Wednesday)
  • Introductory Tandem Sky dive
  • AFF Levels 1 to 7
  • 5 “Coach Jumps” with a USPA rated Instructor
  • 12 “Solo” Consolidation Jumps
  • All jumps include gear rental, there are “NO Extra” costs or hidden charges

Please note: Each training level MUST be completed to a competency standard set by your instructor. If you are required to repeat a stage, there will be a variable extra cost based on the number of training jumps required to pass that stage.

From ฿ 145,550

Before booking AFF or A license please contact Harry on WhatsApp to confirm instructor availability and language requirements +66 (0) 868879442

Please contact us for language requirements.

Requirements and Recommendations

You will need to allow 14 days to complete the Full A-License Course. Maximum weight limit to undertake this course is 95Kg. We recommend you complete at least 1 Tandem Jump before signing up for the A-License.

Booking your “A” License Course can be done securely via our Online Booking System

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