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We offer a number of methods to complete one of life’s most memorable experiences - a Sky Dive!

Looking for a challenge and want to stand out from the crowd?
Then Sky Diving is the sport for you. Push your personal boundaries and set yourself the ultimate challenge - once you have experienced solo flight you will never be the same again.

Learn to Skydive AFF Full course

The AFF course is a progression program designed to train you to become a skydiver. It is the most advanced sky diving training method and is endorsed by the United States Parachute Association (USPA).

Instruction begins with around 6 hours of ground school. Then you are ready to jump wearing your individual parachute system. You and 2 USPA AFF Instructors free fall together with you till you pull your parachute. Your instructors are highly qualified and will encourage and help you develop your flying skills every step of the way. Then you enjoy a beautiful parachute flight. We provide radio advice as you steer your parachute to a safe landing. As you progress through the program, two instructors accompany you through level 3. Then one instructor goes with you until you graduate. When you have completed the program, you are cleared to jump without an instructor.

All training is personalized and you will progress at your own rate. The AFF training program includes ground school, pre-jump training, seven levels of advancement, and all the required equipment. AFF is a progression course, and advancement to the next level is only upon fulfilment of performance objectives of the previous level.

Please note: Each training level MUST be completed to a competency standard set by your instructor. If you are required to repeat a stage, there will be a variable extra cost based on the number of training jumps required to pass that stage.

From ฿ 86,950

Before booking AFF or A license please contact Harry on WhatsApp to confirm instructor availability and language requirements +66 (0) 868879442

Please contact us for language requirements.

The First Jump course AFF course gives you all the knowledge that you need to make that first skydive with two instructors holding on to you.

Course Format includes:

  1. Skydive centre induction
  2. Understanding your equipment
  3. Aircraft procedures and emergencies
  4. Stability and body awareness
  5. Freefall and emergency procedures
  6. Parachute opening characteristics
  7. Flying your parachute
  8. Landings and equipment house keeping.

Learning to Skydive will give you the challenge you are looking for.

Why just go on a tandem skydive joy ride when you can truly learn to trust yourself, concur ninja like skills and get maximum fulfilment in doing something amazing.


From ฿ 22,950

Requirements and Recommendations

You will need to allow 7 days to complete the Full AFF Course. Maximum weight limit to undertake this course is 95Kg. We recommend you complete at least 1 Tandem Jump before signing up for the Full AFF Course.

Booking your Full AFF Course can be done securely via our Online Booking System

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