Book Online NOW and get a Tandem Jump for as little as ฿8,950*

We offer a number of methods to complete one of life's most memorable experiences - a Tandem Skydive!

Full Price List


    Tandem Jump

    Basic Tandem Jump ?8,950
    Tandem Jump & Video ?12,750
    Tandem & Deluxe Video/Photo ?14,750

    Solo Sky Diving

    Video of all AFF Jumps from Instructors helmet ?3,000
    Video of all AFF Jumps from Instructors helmet plus outside video of Level 1 + 7 ?11,400
    “A” License Course ?145,550
    AFF Full Course ?88,950
    AFF Level 1 (inc: GS, Tandem, Level 1 Sky Dive) ?24,950
    AFF Ground School ?4,000
    AFF Levels 2-3 (Per Level) ?14,000
    AFF Levels 4-7 (Per Level) ?9,000
    AFF Repeat Levels 1-3 (Per Level) ?12,000
    AFF Repeat Levels 4-7 (Per Level) ?7,000
    AFF Short Refresher ?2,000
    AFF Long Refresher (1 year or more out of sport) ?4,000
    Jump Ticket - Upto 5,500 feet ?1,000
    Jump Ticket - Above 11,000 feet ?1,400
    Gear Rental Per Jump (inc: Re-Pack) ?1,000
    Coach Jump without Gear Rental ?4,800
    Coach Jump with Gear Rental ?5,800
    Standard Video ?3,800
    Standard Photo’s and Video ?4,800
    Deluxe Photo’s and Video ?5,800
    Checkout Dive AFF Jump (No Gear Rental) ?5,500
    Checkout Dive AFF Jump (With Gear Rental) ?6,500
    Parachute Packing Course ?5,000


    "B" License Training

    Ground School + 5 Jumps video'd and debriefed from the ground (not including Jumps) ?7,750
    Water Training - water drills Per Person (Pay straight to instructor) ?5,000

    Accommodation (PS2) and Transport

    Single Sleep 1-2 ?950
    2 Bed Apartment 5-6 ?1,200
    Pick up from PS2 to Drop Zone (Round Trip) ?500

    Blocks of tickets

    20 ?27,000
    50 ?65,000
    100 ?120,000


    You can add various combinations of weapon and ammunition on the day (upgrade to other packages available on the day) From ?3,100 and up


    Reserve Pack Jobs ?4,000
    Main Canopy Inspection/ Assembly - Includes proper disassembly and rigger roll for storage ?2,000
    Reserve Re-Packs ?4,000
    Reserve Re-Packs for same day/ASAP ?6,000
    Reserve Re-Packs for next day - Rigs turned in after 3pm will be charged for same day ?5,000
    Container washing ?3,000
    Re - line main ?7,000
    AAD Servicing ?10,650
    Full Rig Assembly and inspection ?7,500
    Labor charges per hour ?4,000
    Harness changes or projects Please inquire
    A licence packing course ?5,000
    LINE: jonnyguru
    MESSENGER: Jonny Guru
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Professionally edited Photo's and Video of your Tandem Jump from as little as ฿3,800