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skydiving instructions

skydiving instructions

Sure, here are some general instructions for skydiving:

  1. Training: Before your first jump, you'll need to undergo a training session with a certified instructor. This typically covers basic safety procedures, equipment usage, body positioning, and emergency protocols.

  2. Gear: You'll be provided with all necessary skydiving equipment, including a jumpsuit, helmet, goggles, altimeter, and a harness connected to a parachute system. Make sure everything fits properly and feels comfortable.

  3. Preparation: Before boarding the aircraft, ensure that your gear is properly adjusted and secured. Your instructor will help you with this. Double-check everything to ensure your safety.

  4. Boarding: Once the plane is ready for boarding, your instructor will guide you onto the aircraft. During the ascent, listen carefully to any instructions provided by your instructor and pay attention to safety briefings.

  5. Exiting the Aircraft: When it's time to jump, your instructor will guide you to the door of the aircraft. Follow their instructions closely. Typically, you'll exit the plane in a stable position, with your arms and legs spread, and maintain this position until your parachute is deployed.

  6. Freefall: Enjoy the exhilarating experience of freefalling through the sky! Remember to keep your body position stable and relaxed. Try to maintain altitude awareness by occasionally checking your altimeter.

  7. Parachute Deployment: At the appropriate altitude, your instructor will deploy the parachute. You may feel a sudden deceleration as the parachute opens. Follow any instructions from your instructor regarding steering and landing procedures.

  8. Canopy Flight: Once the parachute is open, you'll experience a gentle descent. Your instructor will guide you on how to steer the parachute using the toggles. Enjoy the scenic views as you glide back to the ground.

  9. Landing: Your instructor will provide instructions for the landing process. Typically, you'll lift your legs up slightly before touching down to absorb the impact. Remember to keep your knees bent upon landing to reduce stress on your joints.

  10. Debriefing: After landing safely, your instructor will debrief you on your jump, discussing what went well and any areas for improvement.

Remember, safety is paramount in skydiving. Always follow your instructor's guidance and adhere to all safety protocols to ensure a successful and enjoyable experience.


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