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thailand skydiving spots

thailand skydiving spots

Thailand had several popular skydiving spots that attracted both locals and tourists.

Some of the well-known skydiving locations in Thailand included:


    Thai Sky Adventures - Pattaya: Located in Pattaya, Thai Sky Adventures is one of the most popular skydiving centers in Thailand.

    It offers tandem skydiving, AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) training, and fun jumps.

    The drop zone provides stunning views of the Pattaya coastline.



    Rayong: Rayong is another coastal province located southeast of Bangkok, known for its pristine beaches and natural beauty.

    Skydiving in Rayong offers stunning aerial views of the coastline and the Gulf of Thailand.

    Skydive Thailand operates in Rayong, providing tandem skydiving experiences and AFF training.



    Chonburi: Chonburi is a province located near Pattaya, known for its sandy beaches and vibrant culture.

    Skydiving in Chonburi offers panoramic views of the coastline and the surrounding countryside.

    Skydive Chonburi is one of the skydiving centers in this area, offering tandem jumps and AFF courses.



    These are just a few of the skydiving sights in Thailand that offer stunning views and memorable experiences.

    Each location has its own unique landscapes and attractions, providing skydivers with diverse options for their aerial adventures.



    Nakhon Nayok: Nakhon Nayok is a province located northeast of Bangkok, known for its lush forests, waterfalls, and national parks.

    Skydiving in Nakhon Nayok offers scenic views of the countryside and the nearby Khao Yai National Park.

    Nakhon Nayok Airfield is occasionally open for tandem jumps and skydiving events.



    Udon Thani: Udon Thani is a province located in northeastern Thailand, known for its archaeological sites and vibrant street food scene.

    Skydiving in Udon Thani offers views of the surrounding countryside and agricultural landscapes.

    Udon Thani Skydiving Club is one of the skydiving facilities in this area, offering tandem jumps and skydiving courses.


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