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Thinking about quitting my job to pursue skydiving

Posted On: July 13, 2023

Thinking about quitting my job to pursue skydiving

I have a good job that pays for my random hobbies.

Since i found skydiving I've felt a happiness that i didn't expect at this point.

It is perfect.

I have a significant amount of money in the bank.

I decided two months ago i wanted to get my skydive license.

I did last weekend.

Now i just want to quit my job (have wanted to for a while) and spend all day at the DZ.

I want to pursue my coach certification and my tandem and my AFF and pack parachutes all day.

Tell me I'm an idiot for giving up 6 figures for a life of scratching for jump money.

Or please don't.

(I have a dog to take care of but that's about it.

I have 33 jumps under my belt at the moment.

I worry a lot.

Question from user ForgottenPassword92 at SkyDiving at reddit.


Don't do it.

Answer from user LowKickMT at SkyDiving at reddit.


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