Book Online NOW and get a Wingsuit Tandem for as little as ฿ 58000*
Only available 5-17 December

We offer a number of methods to complete one of life’s most memorable experiences - a Sky Dive!

Wingsuit Tandem

Who has never dreamed of flying by simply spreading their arms?

Flying for real, on 3 kilometres distance and 250 km/h Welcome to the world of Wingsuiting!

This powerful experience of flight in its purest form, which until now has been reserved for a few experienced skydivers, is now becoming a reality for the 1st time accessible to the general public.

The Tandem Wingsuit, the result of years of testing and development, offers the sensations unique and exceptional of human flight, hanging safely under your instructor.

You launch from a plane and glide through the atmosphere for over a minute before the parachute opens

Limited an availability now from 5th to 17th of December 2023 before full time introduction in 2024. Price is 58,000 baht Call on WhatsApp +66-86-887-9442 for reservation and full details

Video included with every wingsuit tandem at no extra cost


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