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Skydiving Thai Sky Adventures Thailand
Skydiving Thai Sky Adventures Thailand
Skydive Pattaya Thailand
Ready to skydive in Pattaya, Thailand? Thai Sky Adventures Pattaya
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Thai Sky Adventures Pattaya
The easiest and safest way to make that big leap is with a TANDEM SKYDIVE

» What is a tandem skydive?


Thai Sky Adventures Pattaya
» Who are Thai Sky Adventures?



Thai Sky Adventures Pattaya
» What about skydive training?

AFF training, complete A-license courses, USPA coach/tandem/AFF ratings and more are available under the guidance of professional experienced staff...


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We are looking at Freefly Camp training with "Babylon". The 2 coach's will be :

Stephane Fardel (Multiple World Champion skydiver) & WIll Penny (South African, World Champion skydiver)

Proposed dates are 23rd-26th January (4 days) and again 30th Jan - 02nd Feb (4 days) I need expressions of interest now and if we get enough to go ahead we need USD $100 "Registration" Paid by 10th December. Jumps will be 2 x Tickets plus 1000 Baht (2900 Baht per coach jump) If this ain't worth it I don't know what is............lets have names boys and girls

Thai Sky Adventures Tandem Skydiving

The easiest and safest way to make that big leap is TANDEM SKYDIVING. For this method, you are attached to a highly experienced instructor using a dual harness/single container parachute designed for two.

Video & PhotosVideo & Photos

You can capture your skydiving experience on video and / or with photos. Take a look at the video player on the site or go to our YouTube channel to see some of the best.

AFF Training AFF Training

The AFF programme is the fastest way to becoming a skydiver. Upon completion you will be cleared to jump solo.

AFF  A-LicenseFull U.S.P.A. A-License AFF Course

The complete AFF course - qualify for the U.S.P.A. "A-License" allowing you the freedom to jump independently at Drop Zones all around the world!

There's a special offer running for this course right now...

Visiting JumpersVisiting Jumpers

Full information about the drop zone in Nong Khor and how we run Thai Sky Adventures. Pre-Jump documents also available online

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